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  • If what you need is a legal vehicle with which to carry out your commercial or business activities inside or outside the Republic of Panama, this is your Plan. Protect your patrimony and generate income without paying taxes.
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    An Offshore Corporation in Panama is very useful for all those who are looking for a legal vehicle, whether nationals or foreigners not resident in Panama, through which to carry out their commercial or business activities inside or outside the Republic of Panama. It can be used as long as the activities carried out are legal or licit. Therefore, if what you want is to have a company with which to manage your business outside of Panama and at the same time help you protect your assets, an Offshore company may be your best choice. This company, since it is not operational in Panama, that is to say, it does not have employees or services whose income is within the Republic of Panama, guarantees savings in terms of income tax payments.

    Below we detail the advantages of having a Panamanian Offshore Company:

    •  A Panamanian corporation has the advantage of being able to own or hold assets such as: bonds, securities, ships, air transportation means, shares of other corporations, real estate, which are located anywhere in the world.
    • An offshore company protects assets since it offers a high level of privacy regarding the ownership of shares.
    • Offshore companies can also own other types of assets, such as trademarks, copyrights, patents. These intangibles can be sold or transferred without having to enter into the sale of patents or trademarks, simply by acquiring the company’s share certificate, they immediately acquire all the assets that are in the name of that company.
    • Performance of invoicing and re-invoicing operations. This is an ideal topic if you are looking to invoice or re-invoice businesses that are developed abroad, from an office located in Panama.  In this way, the tax margin to be paid in the place where the mercantile or business activity is developed is reduced.
    • The final benefit for the shareholder of the offshore company is that he will not have to pay taxes in Panama since the income generated outside the national fiscal territory is exonerated from taxes.

    So if your objective is to protect your patrimony whether it is real estate or intangible assets, an offshore company is undoubtedly the best option.

    In general, all Corporations in Panama that are active must pay the tax known as “Tasa Única” and this totals US$300.00 (three hundred dollars). The first time the “Tasa Única” tax is paid is at the moment of the creation or registration of the Corporation. This amount is included in the price we offer in the Plan. It is a tax that must be paid every year. All income generated by the company outside of Panama is exempt from income tax in the Republic of Panama.

    If your objective is not to open an office in the Republic of Panama, nor to hire employees in Panama, you are not obliged to obtain any Notice of Operations from the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Panama, nor from the corresponding Municipality.

    • You need a legal vehicle through which to exercise commercial or business activities outside the Republic of Panama. This is the ideal plan.
    • You will pay only the tax known as “Tasa Única” which is 300 US dollars a year. You do not pay taxes on activities whose income is generated outside the Republic of Panama.
    • If you are looking to protect a patrimony, understood as: intangible goods (brands, etc.), real estate, securities, bonds, etc., this plan is the recommended one.
    • Search for confidentiality, this company guarantees it.

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