What is a Temporary Resident Permit for Education Purposes?

Foreigners who wish to study full-time in educational institutions located in Panama, whether they are public or private, at basic, intermediate, higher and specialized levels, may apply for this permit, provided that they are recognized by the Ministry of Education.

Requirements for applying for a Temporary Resident Permit for Education Reasons

The requirements for applying for this permit are the following:
1. Power of Attorney and Application (Notary). A Power of Attorney is not essential.
2. Three (3) passport size photographs.
3. Duly collated copy of the passport (Notary or corresponding Authentication).
4. Certificate of Criminal Record (if of legal age). There are cases in which this type of document does not exist in the country of origin of the applicant, in that case the interested party must provide a certification from a Diplomatic or Consular Agent of his country of origin accredited in the Republic of Panama, such certification must ratify the non-existence of such certificate in the country of origin of the applicant.
5. Health Certificate (Panamanian suitable doctor).
6. Certified check for B/250.00 in favor of the National Treasury.
7. Personal History Affidavit Form.
8. Letter of Admission from the Educational Center (preferably recently issued).
9. Tuition payment receipt (original and copy) at the Study Center.
10. Certificate from the study center, containing the following information:
10.1 General information about the applicant.
10.2 Duration of the course to be attended by the applicant.
10.3 Shift attended and the subjects or subjects registered in the study plan to be followed by the applicant.
11. In the case of a university degree course and if it is taught exclusively in the night, the certificate from the Education Centre must be provided that certifies that the degree course is only taught in the night.
12. Proof of the applicant’s economic solvency or of who is responsible for his/her economic support. The solvency will be verified by means of one of the following documents
12.1 Document proving that the student is the holder of a study grant.
12.2 Proof of Financing.
12.3 Bank letter in favor of the applicant or the person responsible, indicating a solvency consistent with the expenses they must bear to cover study and living costs.
13 Letter of Responsibility (in case of a third party responsible).
Note: If the applicant is a minor, the application must be submitted by the parents or the person who has custody and upbringing, for which purpose the following requirements must be met in addition to those established in this article:
*Birth certificate of the minor
*Copy of identity card or valid migration card of the person responsible in Panama.
In the case of being before an Extension of this permit the previous requirements will be presented with the exception of the Certificate of Criminal Record and the check. Additionally you must provide:
*Official credits from the previous year (approved). It can only be requested if the course has been approved.
NOTE: This permit must be renewed annually and the permit holder can renew it up to 6 times.


Fixed costs to be paid by the applicant

Management fees

US$ 432,00

(This amount does not include: Certified Check for USD$250.00 in favor of the National Treasury).

The Multiple Visa has an additional cost of USD$150.00, the same is not a requirement for the process but if they leave the country without it there is a fine of USD$2,000.00)

Professional fees for lawyers 

US$ 1.200

Management fees
$ 432,00 Fees
Notary Fees - $50.00 Processing and Residency Card - $300.00 Tax Stamps - $12,00 Health Certificate - $20.00 Transportation and mobilization - $50.00

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