What does the Expert or Technical Permit consist of within the 15% of specialized personnel?

This permit will be requested from foreigners hired by companies as managers and/or trusted personnel, experts or technicians, earning a salary of no less than 850 balboas (USD equivalent) per month.
The period of duration of this type of permit is annual. It must be renewed every year, and can be done up to a total of 6 times.

Requirements to apply for the Permit as Expert or Technician within 15% of the specialized personnel

The requirements for applying for this permit are the following:
1. Power of Attorney and Application through a lawyer (notary’s office). This power of attorney and application must be requested in Panama and granted by the legal representative of the contracting company.
2. Three passport photographs with the face of the professional or technician from whom the permit in question will be requested.
3. Complete copy of the passport checked by a Panamanian notary public. The copy accompanied by the certification of the diplomatic representation accredited in the country or of the corresponding authority in the place of issuance will also be valid.
4. Certificate of criminal record of the country of origin or residence. There are cases in which this type of document does not exist in the country of origin of the applicant, in that case the interested party must provide a certification of a Diplomatic or Consular Agent of his country of origin accredited in the Republic of Panama, such certification must ratify the non-existence of such certificate in the country of origin of the applicant .
5. Health certificate issued by a qualified professional, within the three months prior to the submission of the application (we can help you)
6. Certified check for a total of two hundred and fifty balboas (B/250.00) in favor of the National Treasury as a fee for the application of said migratory category.
7. Certified Check for a total of eight hundred balboas (B / 800.00) for the Panamanian National Immigration Service by way of repatriation deposit.
8. Affidavit of Personal History Form.
9. Employment contract endorsed by the Ministry of Labour and Labour Development in favour of the applicant.
10. Work letter on company letterhead or corporate paper, signed by the company’s legal representative. This document must contain:
10.1. Position to be held by the applicant.
10.2. Salary to be earned by the interested party.
11. Copy of Notice of Operation of the company for which the applicant will work.
12. Simple copy of the certificate of validity of the company where the applicant will work issued by the Public Registry.
13. Work permit.
14. Proof of affiliation to the Social Security Fund, with a copy of the card (in the first application).
15. Peace and save national income of the company that will employ the applicant.
16. Pay B/.50.00 for the Migration Card.
17. In case of dependents:
17.1 Letter of responsibility.
17.2 Proof of kinship.
17.3 Proof of address.
17.4 Over 18 years of age present certificate of single status and certified studies.


Fixed costs to be paid by the applicant

Management fees 

US$ 578,00

(This amount does not include: Certified Check for USD$250.00 in favor of the National Treasury and Certified Check for USD$800.00

Professional fees for lawyers 

US$ 1.200

Management fees
$ 578,00 Fees
Notary Fees - $50,00Processing and Residency Card - $300,00 Tax Stamps - $18,00 Health Certificate - $20,00 Public Registry Certificate - $75,00 Certificate of Migratory Status - $15,00 Work permit (Carne) - $50,00 Transportation and mobilization - $50.00

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